Electrical Engineering guilds 53rd anniversary

The Electrical Engineering guild is celebrating its 53rd anniversary on the 19.10.2018 at Teekkaritalo   (Kalervontie 7, 90570 Oulu). The celebrations kick off with a cocktail party at 16.00 for invite-only guests to share their greetings. The main event will begin at 18.00 in the sitsit format, after which the after party will start.

The celebration is primarily meant for 2nd – nth year and graduated electrical engineering guild members, aswell as their plus-ones. Sign-up opens on Tuesday the 2.10.2018 at 12.00. Notice that plus-ones must sign-up separately.
The theme for this years anniversary celebration is forest animals. Attendance will cost 25€ with alcoholic beverages and 20€ without. Places are limited, so act quick. Sign on is available at: https://www.sik.fi/SIK53/index.php?page=ilmoittaudu.
Dress code for the party is in line with the theme of forest animals.