Guild board electionmeeting 20.11.

Hello Guild member!
This is an invitation for the guild’s members to attend the annual guild board election meeting, held 20.11.2018. In the meeting the guild board for 2019 will be elected. Freshmen will receive points if the whole meeting is attended.
Best Regards
Johannes Pakanen
Sähköinsinöörikilta ry

The Invitation

Welcome to the annual guild board election meeting on:
Tuesday 20.11.2018 16.30, in the class SÄ102. In the meeting things related to guild rules article 15§ will be processed.

1. Start of the meeting
2. Order of the meeting
3. Meetings legality and decision right
4. approval of the agenda
5. Notices
6. Action plan for 2019
7. Guild support membership prices for 2019
8. Expences for 2019
9. The board and guild helpers for 2019
10. Elections for the board and guild helpers  2019
-The chairman
-The board
-Guild helpers
11. The guild Olterman and the guild Elder for 2019
12. Appointing honorary members
13. operations inspector 2019
14. Other matters
15. Ending of the meeting

Oulu 29.10.2018