The “Möykkäwaunut” (Noise Wagons™) were originally a protest by a small group of friends (Team Naplitsoo) against the mainstream music played in restaurants. This group bequeathed the Wagons™ to the guild when the threat of graduation was about to interrupt their promising studies. This multimedia blaster saw the light of day sometime in the late ’90s, and currently, a second development version on the same theme is in progress. The rules of the Wagons™ dictate that “good” music cannot be played on them. For this purpose, the repertoire includes magnificent gems from Finnish music production.

The second development version was created in a few sleepless nights for Wappu in 2002 by a few guild activists. These wagons follow the guild’s events like sharks following a ship and elicit unique/different reactions from their surroundings.

In the fall of 2006, the wagons began to deteriorate, and the batteries were depleted. Only a couple of determined engineering students and a bit of air conditioning tape were needed to make the “Möykkäwaunut” as good as new. You can read a more detailed story in Vähän tavallista isommasta sinssi 4/2006.