Tour de Ski

The Electrical Engineering Guild has traditionally organized a teekkari-spirited sports event in the vicinity of Rauhala. In 2004, the location changed to Kuusisaari, and the event that was previously known as “Rauhalan ympärihiihdot” (Rauhala’s Cross-Country Skiing) was renamed as “Ympärihiihdot” (Cross-Country Skiing). In February 2006, the Ympärihiihdot took place in a new location, the Teekkaritalo. The concept was highly successful in collaboration with the Student Union’s song evening and the Kaamos Kaatajaiset. Therefore, Ympärihiihdot will continue to be held at Teekkaritalo.

The event falls randomly somewhere between the spring equinox and the disbursement of student financial aid.

The SIK’s improved NeverSki skis play a significant role in Ympärihiihdot. These skis only require the application of glide wax, and you’re good to go. There are checkpoints along the route that participants must complete. The topics of these checkpoints vary from year to year. Penalties are imposed for incorrect or unsuccessful completions.

Speed is also crucial when skiing with NeverSki skis. The winner can reach the finish line in no time, while the last ones might only arrive next year.