Freshmen / Fuksis

Why Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering? Quickly, I could add some answers that have come up: “Well, why not!” or “There have been worse choices made in life.” In this field, we specialize in various electronic devices and the principles and applications behind them. If you’re interested in computers or technology in general, this is one of the fields worth applying to. The courses are math and theory-oriented, but who else would calculate all those formulas that keep the world running if not engineers? You can even get summer jobs in your own field as early as your first year of study, and the pay is good.

What on earth is a guild, and which wizard school did I apply to? At our university, student organizations are called guilds (kiltat in Finnish). Guilds advocate for the interests of students in their respective fields and organize various events throughout the academic year. In your first year of study, you’ll get to participate in fantastic events where you’ll socialize with other students and immerse yourself in the rich tech culture!

Who will help me make friends and get acquainted with my studies? Tutors are your most important guides at the beginning of your studies. Tutors will ensure that no information remains unclear, and they’ll help you find study buddies. You should ALWAYS ask tutors whenever something crosses your mind; they will assist you in any situation.

Something bothers me, and I want to make a difference… How can I contribute to improving the world? The guild’s activities are maintained by the board and officials. The board’s role is to make decisions regarding guild matters and set events in motion. The guild’s board is formed at the end of the year through voting during the annual meeting. The new board takes over at the turn of the year. But just when you thought a new student couldn’t influence things, don’t worry! You also have the opportunity to participate in the board’s activities and be elected as early as your first year of study!

Now, you’re talking boring stuff… Where and when are the next parties??!1 You can find the most suitable guild-organized parties and events for yourself in our guild’s event calendar. By participating in events organized by tech students, you have the chance to earn “fuksi points”! With fuksi points, you’ll earn respect, and with enough of them, you’ll get a handsome tech student cap during Wappu (May Day). But before we get ahead of ourselves, the fall brings easily approachable events for fuksis, such as fuksi info sessions. At fuksi info, we cover topics you should understand from your very first days. Of course, there’s also plenty of relaxed fun, including an exciting fuksi excursion as the autumn sets in.

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